Our Team. We pride ourselves on building lifelong friendships with our guest. We are here to exceed expectations, which is how we continuously rank among the top outfitters in the nation.

Mark Clifford - Founder, CEO & Owner

Mark Clifford - Founder, CEO & Owner

Founder and president of Premier Outfitters. Mark is a US Army vet, and has 50 years experience hunting whitetail. Mark has harvested 25 record class bucks with archery equipment and countless bucks with a gun while chasing them all over the country. Mark has been featured on many syndicated hunting and outdoor shows and is a published author in North American Whitetail Magazine and Field and Stream Magazine. 


Erik Pacheco Operations manager and guide

Erik Pacheco Operations manager/guide

Erik has been a team member since 2009 and has been a key component in the success of Premier Outfitters. Erik's level of professionalism and guest commitment is unparalleled within our industry. Erik has guided his hunters to what many say is "The hunt and adventure of a lifetime" 

 "Erik's level of professionalism and guest commitment is unparalleled within our industry"

Erik is a decorated military veteran and the Deputy Chief of police in Hopkinsville Kentucky.  During his off time from the police department you can rest assured he is in the woods helping to get our farms ready for the season and contributing video content for our social media pages. 

Farms Manager- Micah McKnight

Farms manager - Micah McKnight

Micah, is a life long resident of Christian county Kentucky and grew up hunting and spending his days exploring some of the very woods Premier Outfitters now calls home. Mich is a pro in the whitetail woods and his knowledge of our farms give us a distinct advantage in managing our herd and getting our hunters in the right areas to harvest a trophy whitetail. 

Clint Dulin - Guide/ North camp manager

Clint Dulin - Guide/ North camp manager

Clint Dulin has been hunting all his life. He killed his first squirrel at the age of 4 and his first deer at the age of 8. It didn't take long to figure out that he was addicted to the outdoors. Thanks to his Dad who taught him how to hunt, he can now share what he’s learned over the years with his children and others. It's a privilege for him to be able to enjoy God's creation in the outdoors. Living in Christian County all his life has been a huge blessing to experience the monster bucks and the abundance of turkeys that this land provides!

Clint has been a dedicated guide and camp manager on Premiers team since 2009 and has gained a reputation as one of the best whitetail and turkey guides in the industry. 

Thad Hopper - Guide

Thad Hopper - Guide

Thad is a Western Kentucky native with decades of hunting experience under his belt. Thad grew up in Christian County, Kentucky where he has raised his family hunting Trophy whitetail and big toms. Thad's knowledge and ability to consistently Provide information About giant whitetail and smart old toms is considered by many to be unequaled.

North camp chef/hostess

Chef/Hostess North camp

North camp chef/hostess

North camp hostess and chef Phyllis Johnson is a Western KY native and has been with Premier Outfitters for 9 years making sure everything runs smoothly and home cooked meals are on the table.  Yearly Phyllis gets rave reviews from our happy hunters about her Southern cooking and hospitality. 

Chef -  Brian Denny

Chef - Brian Denny

Brian is a Western Kentucky native that is known throughout the region for his amazing southern cuisine. Brian is a sought after chef that has been hired to feed up to 800 hungry guest at corporate events and weddings in Kentucky.  
 Brian heads up the south lodge culinary team.  You won’t go hungry at Premier Outfitters that’s for sure. 

Jeffrey Cooley-Guide

Jeffrey Cooley Guide

Jeffrey was bitten by the hunting bug as a small child and has since been immersed in the hunting world. Jeffrey spends countless hours in the field and woods scouting for mature whitetail and long beards. Jeffrey has a reputation at Premier Outfitters for getting his clients on the trophy of a lifetime. 

Tommy Myers Guide.

Tommy Myers Guide

Tommy was born and raised right here in Western Kentucky and has hunted whitetail and Turkey all his life. Tommy has been responsible for many trophy bucks and long beard turkey being harvested by our hunters. Tommy's dedication and willingness to help all of our hunters makes ours hunters experience that much better.

Richard Harrison Guide

Richard Harrison Guide

Richard, has a rich history in the outdoors. Growing up in the outdoors Richard has hunted and fished all over the country. Whitetail and Eastern Turkey are high on his prioritys and we are blessed to have added Richard to our team in 2023.  

Carson Robinson-Guide

Carson Robinson-Guide

Carson grew up in the small town of Stockbridge Michigan and spent his time growing up in the woods hunting and fishing Northern and Southern Michigan. Carson has guided in Michigan for the King Salmon run, Turkey and Whitetail, the badlands of New Mexico and the high grounds of Colorado for big game. Carson's heart is in Whitetail and Turkey guiding. After several years of talks with Carson he committed to guiding for Turkey and Whitetail with Premier. 

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