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About Mark Clifford

Founder and president of Premier Outfitters. Mark is a US Army vet, and has 40 years experience hunting whitetail. Mark has harvested 25 record class bucks with archery equipment and countless bucks with a gun while chasing them all over the country. He is a pro staff member for Matthews Bows, Deer and Deer Hunting TV, Land of Whitetail TV, Reel Shot TV, Scent Masters Scent Control Box, True Timber Camo, Game Changer Targets and is a published author in North American Whitetail Magazine.

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Erik Pacheco

Erik brings to the team 30 years of whitetail hunting experience. He has been a committed member of the Premier Outfitters Team since 2007. He is a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corps and United States Army. Erik has assisted with the production of many nationally viewed hunting television shows, serves as a Pro Staff Team Member with Knight Rifles and is a published author for North American Whitetail Magazine.

Christopher Korn

Christopher has been hunting since he was able to walk along with his father in the whitetail woods. Christopher is a whitetail expert and spends every day in the woods learning their habits and patterns. For over ten years, Christopher has guided his hunters to countless record deer. He also guides duck hunts and fishing trips. Christopher has been a Premier Outfitter Pro for 5 years.

Jimmy Whetzell

Jimmy has 40 years whitetail hunting experience. Jimmy is the original guide at Premier Outfitters and has helped build the reputation that has made Premier Outfitters number one in the outfitting world. Jimmy has guided his clients to countless record book deer. Jimmy has been a Premier Outfitters Pro for 7 years.

Hal Kornprobst

Hal is a retired firefighter of 25 years. Now that Hal's first responder duties are over, he has the time to enjoy his passion of being in the whitetail woods. Hal has 25 years whitetail hunting experience and 10 years experience guiding hunters to the buck of a lifetime. Hal has been a Premier Outfitters Pro for 5 years.

Dan Hess

Dan was born in Galax, Virginia and, luckily, to a family where hunting was a way of life. Many of his teenage years was spent working his English Setters on grouse and quail. After college, he began pursuing deer and turkey which quickly became an obsession. Dan has introduced countless youths to the sport of hunting including three daughters before they were 10 years old. Now, 20 years later, they still hunt with Dan every year. Dan's experience spans over sixty years in the field where each year is highlighted by the introduction of some new individual to the sport of hunting.

Thad Hopper

Thad is a Western Kentucky native with decades of hunting experience under his belt. Thad grew up in Christian County, Kentucky where he has raised his family hunting Trophy whitetail and big toms. Thad's knowledge and ability to consistently guide hunters to giant whitetail and smart old toms is considered by many to be unequalled.

Luke Hopper

Luke’s dad involved him in the outdoors from the time he could walk. He put Luke on his first buck at the age of 6 and first long beard at age 7. Since then, the Lord has blessed him with many great whitetails and turkeys. He absolutely loves the outdoors and the sport of hunting, no matter what game he’s chasing. One of his favorite parts of hunting is helping other people be successful and introducing young kids, like his 2 year old son, to this great sport. Every hunt brings a new experience and, at the age of 27, it still gets his heart pounding, his nerves shaking and his adrenalin rushing. Every hunt feels like the first hunt of his life.

Jake Hopper

Jake, having grown up in a hunting family, was afforded firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be a successful trophy whitetail and turkey hunter. Every time he entered the whitetail woods, he applied what his father taught him about scouting and hunt preparation. To date, his largest whitetail harvested is 190. For Jake, the thrill of being a guide is that every time one of his hunters harvests a monster buck or a big tom, it is just like he was doing it himself.

Clint Dulin

Clint Dulin has been hunting all his life. He killed his first squirrel at the age of 4 and his first deer at the age of 8. It didn't take long to figure out that he was addicted to the outdoors. Thanks to his Dad who taught him how to hunt, he can now share what he’s learned over the years with his children and others. It's a privilege for him to be able to enjoy God's creation in the outdoors. Living in Christian County all his life has been a huge blessing to experience the monster bucks and the abundance of turkeys that this land provides!

Chance Coates

Chance Coates was born and raised in Western Kentucky. He spend most of his time in the outdoors from hunting whitetails to bass fishing and everything in between. Chance's dad introduced him to the outdoors before he could even walk around the woods. He shot his first deer by his father's side when he was 7 years old, and he's been hooked since. Chance is very passionate about all types of hunting, especially big whitetails. He enjoys every minute he spends outdoors, seeing all of God's beautiful creation.

Matthew Robbe

Matthew Robbe is a Christian County, KY resident and he has been hunting whitetail deer and big gobblers since he was old enough to sit with his father. Matthew took his first mature buck when he was only 10 years old. Matthew not only has a huge interest in hunting and guiding for mature whitetail, he also manages his family farms and grows mature 150" to 200" plus bucks year after year. Matthew's love and knowledge of hunting has enabled him to successfully guide hunters to great deer and turkey every year.

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